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Decoding Communication

DECODING COMMUNICATION is based on foundational concepts from our LINKS™ workshop. Building relationships through better communications.

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"This course was fantastic. From the moment I walked into the facility I felt welcome and engaged to learn. Susan is easily one of a very short list of amazing trainers that I have had the pleasure to learn from."

Wes Cressman, NCSO, Health & Safety Specialist, Modern Niagara

"LINKS™ was a great day spent. The ability to adjust my communication patterns to improve the quality of information I am conveying is a skill that will pay dividends for years to come. Thank you for the wonderful learning opportunity.”"

Robert Stover, Sr. Product Manager, Talent Development, CIBC

Smarter, Better Emails

Are your emails generating the results you want? This 90-minute webinar will equip you with flexible tools to quickly format, edit, and increase the effectiveness of every email you send.

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"Very helpful training session. The instructor was great! I will implement everything on the job."

Jacinda K., Financial Services Leader

Three Essential Communication Techniques from Think on Your Feet®

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Grammar on the Rocks

Learn how to navigate the rocks of English grammar and stay afloat when you communicate

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"Grammar on the Rocks™ has helped more than 150 of our legal support staff improve and standardize their grammar. The workshops were very interactive, the handout was well designed, and – surprise – people had a great time! Who would have thought grammar could be such fun?”

Sharon Goff-McCue Manager, Human Resources Goodmans LLP

"Grammar on the Rocks™ facilitated by McLuhan and Davies is a course that is practical, fun, and eye-opening. I never thought I’d use fun to describe grammar! The facilitator made the course alive and interactive. You can use the material right away and apply it to your professional and personal environment. I highly recommend this course to any organizations and professional; it will elevate your writing style or habits and make you more confident next time you start writing or typing."

Lolo Lam, Learning and Development Specialist, Equitable Bank

Facilitating Learning

Facilitate a positive learning experience through effective communication, design and delivery

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Lateral Thinking

Empower your talent to solve problems challenge current thinking and generate new ideas

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