Our Story


For over 35 years, we’ve helped thousands of professionals to get to the point, to think, to speak and to write clearly.‎ And to lead.


When the wolf howls, it connects. It communicates. It’s symbolic of core communications that is clear, confident, impactful. Communication is a highly developed skill and like the wolf, the best communicators listen, adapt and tailor their message in any situation. 

Are you ready for transformation?

If there’s one word that describes what we do, it’s transformation. We transform our customers’ businesses by transforming their people. We provide the communication skills employees need to achieve their highest potential.

We also transform what learning is and what it can be. Business today moves fast, and employee learning must keep up. Your team requires instant access to the skills training they need to excel, which is supported by the latest technology.

At McLuhan & Davies, we deliver on these demanding challenges, because we are in a constant state of transformation ourselves. We’re never satisfied with what used to work, or what’s good enough. We’re always pushing to provide the best learning journey available anywhere.

History of MDC


McLuhan & Davies was founded by Roger HB Davies, an award-winning journalist, author, and communications expert.  His vision: to establish a management consultancy to help professionals enhance their ability to think, write, speak and lead. This involved recruiting leaders in the fields of communications and thinking.


Our flagship program Think on Your Feet® went international by catching the attention of the top accounting global companies.  The program was developed by Dr. Keith Spicer, a prominent Canadian public figure and writer. Roger Davies later acquired the rights to Think on Your Feet® and was instrumental in establishing it as a global offering.


Our global network encompasses over 200 affiliates, partners and trainers. We continue to deliver workshops anywhere in the world through our cadre of highly-skilled global faculty. Our thousands of clients across North America, EMEA, and Pacific-Asia have achieved measurable business success by learning our unique processes, strategies and techniques to communicate effectively in any situation.


Meet Our HQ Team

Our dynamic and passionate team works together to ensure that
McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. remains the leading communications provider worldwide.

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Roger HB Davies

Founder & CEO

employee image

Amanda James

Chief Operating Officer

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Lidia Volpe

Director, Business Development and Strategic Relationships

employee image

Greg Kligman

Senior Account Manager

employee image

Mariana Freire

Global Marketing & Relationship Manager

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Diane Shrimpton

Client Services Manager

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Tracy Graf

Business Development & Facilitator

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Jill Forhan

Logistics Manager

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Montague (Monty) Basil Davies

Director of First Impressions