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Smarter, Better Emails

Are your emails generating the results you want? This 90-minute webinar will equip you with flexible tools to quickly format, edit, and increase the effectiveness of every email you send.

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Think On Your Feet®

The only workshop that trains you to analyze, organize and present your ideas… fast!

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“Think on Your Feet® was an amazing development experience! I learned tools that I can apply in formal and informal conversations and it helped me structure my thoughts to be a more effective and impactful communicator “

Ericka Korus Bulbovas, Strategic Finance Consultant, Kimberly-Clark

“Think on Your Feet® provided me with the tools to confidently organize my presentations, emails and off-the-cuff Q&A responses to be more methodical and sound clearer to my audiences. The skills also transcend into my daily life too. Two days very well spent!”

Katie Millard, Senior Marketing Consultant, Advertising and Media, Intact Insurance

“Think on your Feet® is the cure for rambling speakers! Presenters can make their point much faster and managers can use the tools to help staff focus.”

Leonard Pecore, President and CEO, Genoa Design International Ltd.

The Skilled Presenter

How to engage your audience and perform with impact whether online or in-person!

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"The Skilled Presenter™ was a fabulous course that I would recommend to anyone involved with public speaking and presenting. The course provided me with a safe environment to learn new skills, do self-evaluation and implement my learnings. Since taking the course I have noticed an increase in my confidence, and, through that boost, I feel empowered to present in any situation where I am called upon!"

Christiane Rutledge, Learning Consultant, Meridian

"The workshop was highly engaging and thorough. In a non-judgmental environment, I felt comfortable experimenting with my presentation style and content, in order to receive highly valuable feedback from both the instructor and other participants. The ability to speak effectively in front of an audience, big or small, is crucial to my job. The skills that I developed and techniques that I learned over the course of just 2-days are invaluable."

Rebecca Shrimpton, Manager Direct & Digital Marketing (Acquisition Marketing), Sick Kids Foundation

Writing Dynamics

A complete writing system that helps you PLAN using creative and structured thinking, DRAFT in record time and EDIT for impact.

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"Since Writing Dynamics™, I’ve changed my approach to writing. The strength of this program is the macro focus through the planning process to the micro focus through editing. The other strong element is the practical application of new skills during the workshop. The trainer’s expertise and facilitation style also enhanced the learning experience.”

Caroline O’Shea, Director, Talent Management, IPEX Management Inc.

“I really credit the Writing Dynamics™ course for getting me noticed by the Managing Director of Communications at the company that I work because when I came back from taking the course, she noticed right away that my writing had improved, which later helped me getting a new role on her team.”

Roxane Lutz, Marketing Communications Specialist, London Life

“Writing Dynamics is one of the most valuable and practical courses I’ve taken in my 25-year career! I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to write more clearly, efficiently and persuasively.”

Natalie Currie, Former Clinical Research Professional

Decoding Communication

DECODING COMMUNICATION is based on foundational concepts from our LINKS™ workshop. Building relationships through better communications.

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"This course was fantastic. From the moment I walked into the facility I felt welcome and engaged to learn. Susan is easily one of a very short list of amazing trainers that I have had the pleasure to learn from."

Wes Cressman, NCSO, Health & Safety Specialist, Modern Niagara

"LINKS™ was a great day spent. The ability to adjust my communication patterns to improve the quality of information I am conveying is a skill that will pay dividends for years to come. Thank you for the wonderful learning opportunity.”"

Robert Stover, Sr. Product Manager, Talent Development, CIBC

Think on Your Feet® Key Communication Techniques

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