Become a licensed facilitator to deliver our world-class workshops anytime, anywhere at your organization.

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Benefits of Train-the-Trainer

  • Use your own facilitators you know and trust: Your certified facilitators have in-house expertise and can easily customize our content to address your current organizational challenges and scenarios.
  • Enables flexibility in your deliveries: Your dates and times are based on your instructors’ schedules. The more instructors accredited, the bigger the reach – which allows consistent learning across global organizations.
  • Cost-effective: Delivering our award-winning content through your internal facilitators enables your organization to train more people and more often, for a lower cost per session.

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How It Works

Step 1: Take the course you want to be certified in (Either attend a public workshop OR participate in an in-house session that your company runs)

Step 2: Go through an accreditation process with one of our master facilitators (typically 2-3 days)

Step 3: Do a dry run for some of your people and debrief with the master facilitator

Step 4: Perform an optional co-teach with the master facilitator

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