QuickLearn Series

Bite-sized, interactive, virtual instructor-led webinars


“Really valuable session! That’s an excellent standard you’ve set – and we expect – from MDC. Your team responded quickly with valuable, actionable information! Thanks so much.”
Jeff Hendler, Senior Talent Excellence Specialist, Arterra Wines Canada

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Interactive sessions that keep learners engaged

  • Scalable and cost-effective, more learners for less

  • Customizable for your specific learning needs

  • Award-winning content delivered in bite-sized sessions

  • 30-minute live-virtual sessions from anywhere, anytime!



“They have gone above and beyond to deliver short bite-sized sessions that are wildly popular with our colleagues. Their partnership and collaboration to help us deliver on our modern learning strategy has been phenomenal. And at only 30 minutes each, almost everyone has room in their calendar to join and get some valuable information and tips.”  
Jennifer Wise, Principal, Global Instructional Designer, Talent & Inclusion Center of Expertise,  MERCER

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Customize your own QuickLearn series by choosing one or more webinars:

  • How to be Clear, Concise and Memorable
  • How to Position Your Message for Your Listener
  • How to Handle Q&A Like a Pro 
  • How to be a Better Listener
  • How to Shift from Judgement to Connection
  • How to Communicate With Empathy
  • How to Communicate in Times of Distress
  • How to Run Effective Meetings
  • How to Manage Tone
  • How to Be Crystal Clear – and Concise!
  • How to Structure for Results
  • How to Use Clarity & Structure to Support Your Message
  • How to Deepen Understanding of Team Needs to Inspire Action
  • How to Bridge with Empathy

Recommended series:

  • Building Trust to Strengthen Relationships
  • Introduction to Structured Communications
  • Adapt to and Engage any Audience
  • Smarter, Better Emails

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