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Decoding Communication

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Learning Outcomes & Key Benefits

Understand differences in the various communication styles: Analytical, Visual, Interactive

Adapt your preferred communication style to the style of others to help you sell, persuade, manage, empathize, listen and improve customer service

Speed up the exchange of ideas and information

Learn ways to communicate that includes everyone in the process; enhance team building and bridge generational communication gaps

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Workshop Summary & Delivery Options

Teamwork and communication go hand-in-hand. But what do you do when there is a breakdown in or between teams? We have surveyed thousands of professionals and built a three-part model to adapt communication to any audience. This goes beyond the ‘what’ of the message to ‘how’ it is relayed.

Join us for a 90-minute live, instructor-led, virtual webinar where we tackle the below with tips, techniques, and practice to discover, diagnose, and treat common communication issues in the workplace.

Adapt Your Communication Preference & Engage Any Audience

  1. What are the preferences and how can you identify them?
  2. How do you adapt to someone else’s preference? (1:1)
  3. How do you communicate to all preferences? (group)

To discover your preferred style, take our online quiz:

All attendees can opt-in to receive a free e-book after the webinar to support their continued learning!

Available in the following languages: English

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