Top Tips for Leaving a Phone Message

Dec 17, 2013Posted by: mdctraining

By Roger HB Davies

When I phone anyone these days, I have a short message ready to leave on voice-mail. I assume I won’t reach the caller.

Be equally prepared and keep your message short. I leave my name, the reason for calling, and my own phone number, which I usually repeat. I speak at a medium pace, without rushing.

I always know when a sales person has called me because they talk too fast, and they mention their phone number only once.

Top Tips for Leaving a Phone Message

  1. Rehearse what you will say.
  2. Avoid talking too quickly or too slowly.
  3. Enunciate your words clearly.
  4. Avoid leaving a vague, cryptic message; for example: “It’s Mary. Call me.”
  5. Avoid leaving a long, chatty message as though you were chatting with the person; get to the point.
  6. Ensure you include critical information: Who you are. Who you represent. Why you’re calling. Any action expected, and from whom.
  7. Leave your phone number. Always. Even if they are your best friend. Don’t assume they have immediate access to your phone number. Or will remember it without a note.
  8. Repeat your phone number.
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