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Aug 21, 2018Posted by: mdctraining

TORONTO – Virtual reality is changing the game for public speaking – and McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. is making it more accessible than ever before.

What used to be a novelty item at the arcade has found its way into our daily lives. According to a study from Ericsso ConsumerLab, one-third of consumers worldwide are expected to use VR by 2020.

And now these immersive technologies are finding a place amongst adult education and professional development.

“In an ultra-fast business world that is constantly evolving, there is a need to move forward with creative, agile and adaptable training solutions,” says Amanda James, Chief Operating Officer at McLuhan & Davies Communications. “Virtual reality is the solution to these changing needs. And it’s taking on-the-job training to a whole new level.”

McLuhan & Davies, a Toronto-based business-communications training firm, has recently adopted virtual reality technologies and coupled it with their presentation-skills course, The Skilled Presenter™.

As a blended program, participants learn techniques to enhance their public-speaking abilities. After a participant has gained these new skills in the classroom, they practice in front of both virtual and live audiences.

The virtual reality technology provides metrics and real-time feedback that analyzes a person’s presentation style. This data assesses voice projection and pacing, use of gestures, body movement, eye contact, etc.

“It’s a powerful combination – integrating live learning with immersive technologies,” James added.

Virtual reality has proven to be a very successful training tool, allowing learners to attempt tasks multiple times and fail without fear. This creates a safe environment where learners can be creative and resourceful in their problem solving.

More than two-thirds of the global population has a fear or is uncomfortable with public speaking. Virtual reality provides the opportunity to simulate an audience where users can practice a speech without fear of making mistakes. Coupled with a presentation-skills course, virtual reality has the capacity to take training to new heights.

Emotions such as fear, excitement and curiosity are all hashed out in the virtual experience so when placed in a real-world setting, a person is better prepared for their presentation.

After learners experienced virtual reality during The Skilled Presenter VR™, their speaking speed, eye contact and audience engagement drastically improved between the first and second presentations.

“Participants said they felt ‘more comfortable’ during the second round of VR, were more cognizant of their audience and were better able to apply the course material in a live situation,” James added. “Virtual reality is changing the game for L&D teams who are looking for alternative classroom methods that support efficiency and deep learning.”

The Skilled Presenter VR™ is now available across Canada. For more Information on how to bring virtual reality to your training classroom, please contact McLuhan & Davies directly at

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