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Jul 19, 2019Posted by: mdctraining

10 Secrets to Fast, Clear, Persuasive Communications

A Conversation Between a Master and his Dog.

Master’s dog (Calypso) knows how to communicate well. He calls it PAWTALK!

He’s clear, concise and persuasive. And he doesn’t understand why the rest of us aren’t so effective.We often mess up our communication, he says. “How come?”

This prompts Master to explain the hidden process we all use when communicating with others.

The result of their conversations, (part allegory, part satire) provides the definitive book on how we all communicate.


“MASTERING COMMUNICATIONS is a brilliantly conceived perspective on personal communication that crystallizes our inherent differences in both style and approach. The book is hypnotic, illuminating, and impactful. It’s a must-read for people seeking a real and true advantage in their business relationships.”

Christina A. Cavanagh, former Professor,
Management Communications, Richard Ivy School of Business,
Author of Managing Your E–mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox

“An extraordinarily useful, hilarious, indeed totally painless way to master clear communication. Roger HB Davies charms you into his dialogue with his dog, barking you back to the basics of plain talk. A delightfully original approach to personal and business communication.”

Dr. Keith Spicer,
Author of Think on Your Feet and Winging It

“MASTERING COMMUNICATIONS is hot stuff! I loved the dialogue between Calypso and Master. They clearly demonstrate two of the three styles. This device made it easy to become infected with the clever idea in this book about communication strategy. I have already found myself using the strategy in my own work and that’s the most you can ever expect to get from a book. If only everyone in the organization had MASTERING COMMUNICATIONS”

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Principal
School of Thinking, Melbourne, Australia

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