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Aug 28, 2019Posted by: mdctraining

LINKS™ Online Individual License: $187 USD

LINKS™ Online is an e-learning course that uses interactive and engaging exercises to introduce learners to structured communication.

This course will help you identify your own communication style, adapt your message delivery to meet the needs of others and learn 10 exclusive secrets for fast, clear and persuasive communication. Through six highly interactive modules, you will learn how to relate, communicate and engage more effectively.


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Behind LINKS™ Online

In the 1980s, Davies became intrigued by the research led by Marshall McLuhan, the internationally renowned communications and media theorist. McLuhan’s research showed that media changes the way we think. This sparked Davies’ interest in how a person’s left or right brain influences the way they communicate (left = logical, analytical; right = visual, spontaneous). If media changes the way we think, then Davies thought this must mean it changes the way we communicate.Designed by the world’s leading authorities on communication skills (and with thanks to Marshall McLuhan). LINKS™ Online is the brainchild of Roger HB Davies, an award-winning journalist, magazine editor and communication guru who is changing the way executives and professionals communicate.

Unlike traditional left- vs. right-brain theory, Davies discovered that complete communication involves three styles: analytical, visual and interactive. Built from global research from over 6,000 executives and professionals worldwide, Davies soon developed his own communication theory around the three different but complementary and distinct communication styles.

These three styles, THINK! RELATE! LEAP!, reveal the inner-workings of a person’s cognitive communication process, or their communication DNA.

Using these concepts, Davies wrote a best-selling novel, Mastering Communications, which introduced the world to THINK! RELATE! LEAP! His novel provides an in-depth look at each of the three styles, and allows readers to identify their own unique style, adapt to others and reveals the hidden process we all use when communicating with others. Told in third-person, Mastering Communications shows a conversation between a Master and his dog — as the two discuss the secrets on how to achieve fast, clear and persuasive communication.

LINKS™ Online adapts the novel into an online format. Absorb the skills at your desk, at home, or through your mobile device.

Inside the program

Through a variety of games and activities such as: quizzes, videos, personal assessments and live comic strips, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the three styles of communication
  • Identify your own preference and adapt to the preferences of others
  • Learn how to manage and lead more effectively
  • Speed up the exchange of ideas and information
  • Ensure your message gets across as intended

To purchase an individual license for LINKS™ Online, please proceed to Paypal or contact us directly

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