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    While facilitating The Skilled Presenter VILT last week one participant really harped during the “Attention Grabbers” & “Facts & Figures” sections that statements must be backed up with a source to be credible. He said if you don’t mention your source or your only source is “Google” then he completely discredits the speaker.

    This was a valid point and made me question the “research” we throw out during SP and/or TF.

    I did a little research on some of the quotes we use and found the following:
    – “It takes 21 days of practice to learn a new skill” – nothing credible supports this and a lot contradicts this
    – “Every 8 seconds your audience loses concentration on what you are saying” – Confirmed by Time Magazine via Microsoft studies. However, other studies show up to 15 minutes …
    – “Recapping your 3 points at the end provides 80% higher retention rate” – Couldn’t find any articles backing this up
    – “Public speaking is the #1 fear” – Confirmed by Psychology Today

    Does anyone have other research to back up these statements and/or would you like to add to this list some of the “research” we quote during our TF presentations?

    Tracy Graf

    Susan Gregory

    Hi Tracy,

    Great points here and thanks for sharing the research you’ve found. I don’t have any sources for those missing pieces unfortunately.

    I don’t tend to use the piece about 21 days to learn a new skill – as you’ve correctly identified there isn’t a strong source for this.

    Also the point about “Recapping your 3 points at the end provides 80% higher retention rate”, I would tend to phrase it as “Recapping your points helps your audience to remember”, rather than citing a specific figure that we don’t have support for.



    Thanks so much, Susan, for your thoughtful response. Those are both helpful suggestions.

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