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    I need to buy a new laptop, to use as my main work computer to lead trainings (such as TF) both virtually and in-person (eventually again). I would love advice from you all about which type of laptop you find the most useful to lead virtual trainings.

    I have a MacBook Air now and really want to stick with a Mac laptop because of the compatibility with my iPhone, Apple Music, Watch, etc.

    However, I have occasionally run into Mac laptop compatibility issues with using WebEx or Microsoft Teams to facilitate, and when hooking up to client projectors there are sometimes issues with compatibility also, even though I have adapters. The new MacBook Air is supposed to be a lot more compatible. However, I don’t know if it would be smoother working with client systems/video conferencing platforms if I switch to a PC.

    Also, I would like a laptop with the ability to do free-hand whiteboard drawing, which I currently cannot do with my Mac laptop and I do not have an iPad/tablet.

    Thank you all for your advice about what laptops you have found most helpful for interactive virtual facilitation and in-classroom projector capability and if you have other Apple devices that you still utilize easily with a non-Mac laptop.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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