Find Communication Role Models

Nov 8, 2014Posted by: mdctraining

If English is your first language, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news: you’re too fluent! You may be too close to the language to realize how or why you’re using it in a particular way. It’s instinctive.

The good news: you’re fluent! So you are not short of ways to express yourself.

Those of you who have studied English as a second language often have earned a slight advantage. You’ve been forced to look at things differently. Maybe your grammar is better than someone who learnt English as a first language. Not unusual.

Knowledge of grammar and the way words work will help you communicate.

Given that English is the language of business, it’s not a bad idea to know how it works really well.

Look for role models who speak the language well. Listen to them. Do not rely on sportscasters, athletes, coaches, rock stars, etc.!!

Tune into the best: BBC in the U.K.; CBC in Canada; ABC in Australia; public broadcasting in the U.S.

Tune into BBC World as your news network so you can absorb the language by listening to the best.

Read your country’s best newspapers and magazines. You know their names.

It doesn’t require a lot of work on your part.

Bathe yourself in words – and the English language.

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