What Clarity, Brevity, Impact® Actually Means (Why it’s Our Slogan)

Feb 16, 2014Posted by: mdctraining

How to Achieve Clarity

Write and speak in short sentences.

Enough said.

A short sentence provides evidence of clear thinking.

How to Achieve Brevity

Make a point of getting to the point. No rambling preambles. No one has time for unclear thinking unclear argument. Make a habit of getting to the point.

How to Achieve Impact

Structure your communication so you offer a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

The beginning grabs the audience’s attention.

The ending hooks the audience’s memory.

The middle supports your argument. Take care, though. If the middle is too long, you will bury your message.

That’s why we call it the cemetery of communications.

It also explains why you need powerful openings and memorable closings to all forms of communication.

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