A Leader’s Credo

May 4, 2015Posted by: mdctraining

I can only lead if I speak (and write) well.

‎I lead and influence by example.

I must be clear and concise, and get to the point. And I must avoid basic mistakes.

I lead (and influence) by informing, persuading, being professional.

I lead by being a productive communicator; I must write fast, but effectively.

I must truly know the difference between good and bad writing.

I can’t expect to communicate only through the spoken word.

Writing is my persona. So I (and my team) simply want  to look good.

I know the consequences of bad writing: a lost job, a lost promotion, a lost sale — and above all lost respect.

People judge you by your writing. So I try to lead through good writing, as a leadership skill — and a life skill.


Roger HB Davies, CEO, McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc.

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