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Jul 19, 2019Posted by: mdctraining

Roger HB Davies is an American Business Press award-winning writer and CEO of McLuhan & Davies, a consulting practice that is changing the way people communicate.

Born in the UK, Roger HB Davies partnered with Dr. Eric McLuhan, son of media guru Marshall McLuhan to found McLuhan & Davies.

Their mission: to help people succeed — in their communication, and in their lives.

They became interested in turning Marshall McLuhan’s pioneer work on communication theory into practice.

McLuhan reasoned that electronic media changes the way we think. By extension, it changes the way we communicate. Roger’s continuing focus on communication-skills development led him to develop a reasearch-based model to quantify how we all communicate.

Roger originally trained as a journalist in the UK, working on weekly and daily newspapers. In Canada, he joined the business press and became the youngest editor in the country in 1972, and later became one of the country’s top business magazine editors, winning national and international awards for writing, editing and graphic design.

He started his own advertising agency in 1975, and went on to found McLuhan & Davies in 1980. Since then, the company has developed into a consulting practice that focuses exclusively on communication-skill development.

A sister company (Think on Your Feet International, Inc.) sublicenses the company’s courses for global distribution. Currently, its workshops are available in over 20 countries, and delivered in some six languages.

Roger has been prominent in the training community for many years, and was president of Canada’s national training association. As CEO of McLuhan & Davies, he is also responsible for strategic alliances, product development and marketing.

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