How to Deliver Effective Communication in a Pandemic

Jan 25, 2021Posted by: mdctraining

Effective communication between an organization and its employees has always been important, but it’s become more challenging during the pandemic. Canadian HR Reporter spoke with Lidia Volpe, director of business development and strategic partnerships at McLuhan & Davies Communications in Toronto to discuss this.

Q: How important is open communication between employers and their employees?

A: “On a scale of one to 10, this is an absolute 10. Keeping lines of communication open is always important and today, even more so. With all of the things that the pandemic has brought on — the isolation, the requirements to stay home, work from home, potentially having your kids at home — having an open line of communication between employers and employees is critical for clarity, safety and connection.

Employees’ roles and responsibilities should be clear. This can leave room for flexibility in how duties are accomplished. Safety is another important factor. Creating a work environment where people feel safe to share how they are feeling and doing through an open line of communication is key. This way, HR has the opportunity to share helpful resources.

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