Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

Jul 19, 2019Posted by: mdctraining

What is The Canada-Ontario Job Grant?

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) is a comprehensive funding program that allows Canadian companies and organizations to boost their workplace skills for a subsidized cost.

COJG provides direct financial support for employers of all business-sizes to deliver short-term training solutions to new and existing employees. The grant allows organizations to meet their professional development needs. The government may provide up to $10,000 per person for training costs.

This program is intended to support employers in taking a greater role in workplace development.

Employers that wish to access the grant are responsible for identifying the particular skills gaps they wish to address, the types of training that would address those gaps, and the specific individuals they would like to see trained.

McLuhan & Davies’s portfolio of business-communications workshops are eligible for the grant. We have successfully worked with companies to acquire COJG and have helped through the entire application process.

COJG Requirements:

  • Training programs are required to be less than one-year in duration and must be delivered by a third-party trainer.
  • Employers are required to complete and submit an application for funding in order to be considered.
  • Employers must contribute the remainder of the total costs; there may be some flexibility for small businesses.
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